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Raising the Painting Standards in Melbourne

With 5 years of experience painting residential and commercial premises in Melbourne, we can guarantee that we know how to deliver our projects perfectly. Just leave your properties to us and we have them painted from walls to full interior/exterior of the building. Golden Guys Painting services include Interior, Exterior and Commercial Painting delivered with the highest quality

Residential Painting & Coatings

A lot of home owners in Melbourne who need to do painting and coating job for their house try to get in touch with residential painters that are trusted and the ones who can provide the best solution in terms of timing and pricing. Golden Guys Painting is that type of painting business whom you can reply on and we will deliver a quality job to you at great prices.

1. Commercial Painting

Commercial painting requires meticulous accuracy and rigorous time management to reduce and minimise disruptions. That is exactly what we provide. A great paint job and extensive support during and after the painting. As part of our commercial painting services, Golden Guys Painting provides:

Interior Painting

The inside of any commercial building exudes the mood you want your business to affect on customers. It is a fact that comfort breeds familiarity and nothing says comfort better than well-painted walls. This is why it is important to ensure your office has that fresh feel. Interior painting allows adds aesthetic to your entire building and besides the visually pleasing view, there are also structural benefits.

We, at Golden Guys Painting, provide the best of service when it comes to interior painting. Regardless of the size of your commercial building, there is a need to make sure that there is consistency across the building when it comes to painting jobs. We boast state-of-the-art equipment to allow for the provision of excellent service even in the most complex interiors. Add to that an extensive expert staff compliment and you will be assured of a clean well-painted interior for your commercial building. If consistency, quality, and affordability are what you are looking for then Golden Guys Paining is exactly what you need. Contact us today to get a free quote.

Exterior Painting

The exterior of your office or commercial building gives the first impression, especially when new customers search for your location via Google Maps. Besides the aesthetic benefits of painting the exterior, a new coat of paint can help skyrocket the commercial value of your property. Add to that the structural benefits that come with it and you have every reason, to contact and contract Golden Guys Paining to spruce up and perfect the exterior of your building. We are well equipped in terms of equipment and human resources. No matter how big your commercial building is or how complex the positioning and design are, we can give it that amazing appearance.

2. Residential Painting

Maintaining or increasing the value of a residential property is very difficult but one way that is guaranteed to help with that is to make sure that your house has a fresh coat of paint. Besides the financial advantages of having a new coat of paint on your residential property, there are also several structural advantages.

It is also vital to have your residential property painted by professionals. Golden Guys Painting is a reputable painting company based in Melbourne which provides just that professional residential painting for your home. We offer extensive and standardised panting services at reasonable prices.If you are worried about chipping and flaking paint, we will help you remedy that problem. The same applies to your exterior residential walls that are consistently exposed to harsh conditions which include sun exposure and rain. With our quality paint job, your home will always look and feel like the perfect home. You can check out our painting jobs here

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